Every Resident Evil Village labyrinth and ball location

There are four Resident Evil Village labyrinths to find in the game, along with the balls needed to solve them. The Flower Swords, Sun and Moon, Mermaid, and Iron Horse balls are scattered around different areas as you explore but can be easy to miss. 

If you find the Resident Evil Village ball and complete its labyrinth however, then the big treasure it contains is yours. You have to find it first though and unfortunately, every Resident Evil Village labyrinth ball is hidden to varying degrees, so we have some searching ahead of us. For all their evilness, it’s kind of cute that each of the bosses possesses a miniature version of their own home. But that’s not why we are interested in the labyrinths, of course – we’re here for the treasure and to get that we need to find both the Resident Evil labyrinth and ball for each area. Here’s where to find them. 

Castle Dimitrescu Labyrinth and ball (the Flower Swords Ball)

resident evil village labyrinth

(Image credit: Capcom)

You’ll find the Castle Dimitrescu Labyrinth and ball, called the Flower Swords Ball, across two floors in the castle. You won’t get near the ball until you’ve played through some of the objectives so keep an eye on the map for when get near it. 

  1. Castle Dimitrescu Labyrinth location: in the Merchant’s Room, right next to the Duke on the first floor of Castle Dimitrescu. 
  2. The Flower Swords Ball: You can find it in the Opera Hall, on the second floor of Castle Dimitrescu. Walk to the northwestern corner; it’s in the small chest in front of the window.