Elongated skulls found in Peru are not alien, say experts | Conspiracy theorists say elongated skulls found in Peru are alien, experts say they are human

Credit: YouTube/Frans

Credit: YouTube/Frans&nbsp

Recently, a Facebook post claimed strange-looking, elongated skulls found in Peru were evidence of alien life on Earth.

Many internet conspiracy theorists believe that the cone-shaped skulls are actual proofs that aliens have visited earth.

In the now-deleted Facebook post, a theorist shared a video of the skull and wrote, « Check the eye sockets 100 percent alien. »

The post garnered more than 500 shares and was linked to a video that contained footage of the skulls that were found in the 1920s by Peruvian archaeologist Julio C. Tello in Huancavelica, Peru.

The unusual shape of the skulls led to all sorts of theories on the internet. However, experts have debunked them and said the skulls are human and were actually formed using bindings, according to a USA Today report.

Peru anthropology specialist Professor Melissa S Murphy told the newspaper that the eye sockets of the skull are normal and ‘perfectly within the range of human variation’.

« The eye sockets are normal and perfectly within the range of human variation and look like eye sockets of other human skulls from Peru, » Professor Melissa S Murphy said.

The shape may be a result of cranial deformation or head binding, in which the normal growth of the head is altered due to the application of cloth or bands.

« Prehispanic peoples on the south coast of Peru and elsewhere in Peru have engaged in this practice for thousands of years. Deliberate head shaping is a form of cultural modification of the body that marks different things, like one’s identity, a rite of passage, an occupation, » she added.

Tello found hundreds of these cone-shaped skulls in the Paracas region way back in 1920. Following the discovery, the unique shape prompted speculation and many conspiracy theories.