Diabao slams skull after calling it ‘idiot’: ‘It used me’

There is a fight in the universe of body modification. Fernando Franco de Oliveira, better known as Skull, is proud to be The most tattooed man in Brazil And make a series of adjustments, such as removing the nose. He sees this as distinguishing him from Michel Prado, Known as Diabao de Praia Grande, another character who radically changed her body, gaining horns and cutting off one of her fingers. When one is asked about the other, it turns out that they do not like each other at all.

The point is that everyone sees the situation in a different way. For Skull, it was Diabão who started talking badly about him, which would have pissed him off. On the other hand, Diabao asserts that he helped his colleague in the past, and that he created a struggle to stand out in the media.

“He looked at him there, but if you looked at the back of his head, he wouldn’t have a tattoo. To me, it doesn’t matter. I’m awake, I have a rating certificate, I have a skull for,” he said. UOL. In the same interview, he even referred to indignation as “an idiot.”

He was jealous of me, and started talking a lot of nonsense about me. I am sure. He even made videos talking about me out of jealousy. He’s afraid of needles, of getting a tattoo, he’s an idiot. I guarantee myself

“I will have more horn implants on my head, tattoos that cut through the skin and leave scars. I won’t stop, to Diabao’s delight,” he said.

the answer

Wanted in the report, Diabao asserts that the two have enmity and states that he tried to help Skull in the body modification world.

“If I was jealous, I would not have changed contacts for him, I would not have called and asked for a discount to my dentist. Out of nowhere he began to offend me and speak badly, because he saw me as a competitor.

Prado also believes that Oliveira will be motivated by the desire to appear more in the media.

I shouldn’t be jealous of him. He wanted to use me as a springboard to get into the media. This is not what is important, it is living life. I’m not into that bit of ego”

Diabao also thinks his rival is hurting the mod world. According to him, Skull has already made statements that revealed people in the environment, such as reporting episodes in which he was injured as a result of some actions.

“It hurts people. We already suffer from a lot of prejudice. Then we go through this with someone who claims to be part of this environment, of this culture. He is a selfish person, who thinks only of her,” confirms Michel.

Just take a look at the live video level, which you know doesn’t have any content. Wants like vision. There are external and internal modifications. He is clearly someone who has made big changes, but on the inside he is a very empty person.”