Comment utiliser une tirelire licorne ? | Royaume de licorne

Unicorn piggy banks offered to children usually come in different shapes. On the one hand, we have those that have a cap to facilitate the withdrawal of accumulated money without brutalizing the piggy bank. On the other hand, we have those that do not have a cap and which, to empty them, must be broken. Very often, children receive them as a gift and they do not know how to use them. Hence this tutorial on the use of this instrument.

How to use a unicorn piggy bank with lid?

tirelire licorne avec bouchons

Unicorn piggy banks with cap are the most popular nowadays. This is thanks to their ease of use. When you have one, the most adequate thing to do is to find a glue to glue its cover. This in order to introduce money and withdraw without however destroying the object.

In addition, with this object, it is possible to choose to recover the money saved at any time. And above all the desired quantity, because there is no obligation to empty it all at once. Also, to best use a piggy bank with lid, it is important to empty your pockets whenever the opportunity arises.

If you don’t do things this way, you’ll always find yourself spending your money on junk. When you’re at work, for example, if you don’t have any money on you, you won’t spend for nothing. Hence the need to always empty your pockets in the unicorn piggy bank once the opportunity presents itself.

To conclude, we will say that the best way to use this object, is to throw the coins in at the slightest opportunity. While hoping to be able to remove them in due time without any form of destruction of the object.

How to use a unicorn piggy bank without a cap?

unicorn piggy bank

The second type of unicorn piggy bank that you need to know about is the one that does not have a cap. Its use is very different from that with cap, because in this one, there is no step of gluing the lid to be able to introduce the money and remove it at any time.

Here it is important to set goals before you start with collection. This is because once the money has been introduced into the object, it can only be withdrawn at the end of the collection. The withdrawal of money wrongly and through here, does not exist under penalty of destroying the piggy bank before the time.

Most often, this type of piggy bank is used when it is imperative to achieve a goal. If you have to carry out a project in three years, for example, you must put money in your piggy bank until the deadline, which is three years. So you can then withdraw your money freely, knowing that even if the object is destroyed, you will not have a problem.

In conclusion, to use a piggy bank well, you just have to make the maximum effort to get coins and throw them inside. And this, with the idea of ​​withdrawing there in the long term, because the ideal during the withdrawal would be to break the piggy bank.