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In Greek mythology, Pegasus is arguably one of the best known mythical creatures. Who is he really? It is the fruit of a relationship between a god and a mortal: the sea ​​god Poseidon and the gorgon Medusa. The reason this creature is so popular is simply because of its remarkable history. Indeed, this winged horse emerged victorious from many fights including that against the chimera.

Even though Pegasus is almost known to anyone interested in Greek mythology, there is still a lot of controversy about his life experience and even more about his death. Regarding his death, the question that many are asking is: how did Pegasus die? Or even, is Pegasus really dead?

Is Pegasus dead?

If we want to answer this question thoroughly, then the answer is NON. However, that doesn’t mean that the most famous creature in Greek mythology is still alive and roaming our streets (or our airs). Indeed, after reaching the kingdom of the gods, Pegasus became the mount of the god zeus and was later transformed into a Constellation. More precisely the constellation Pegasus, located in the northern hemisphere, south of Andromeda. This is how the adventure of Pegasus ends.

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How does Pegasus become a constellation?

In this story, the warrior Bellerophon play an important role. He is well known in Greek mythology for having succeeded in defeating the Chimera, a monster who terrified almost all mortals with his physique as imposing as his powers. To achieve this feat, Bellerophon had to use Pegasus as a mount in order to benefit from the agility, speed and robustness of this hero.

However, after his victory, he became totally proud and set himself the goal of reaching the realms of the gods; to believe that he already considered himself a god. For this conquest, Bellerophon decides to launch out with Pegasus in order to have more strength and more power. This is how the 2 allies begin their ascent to the heavens, but things will not go as planned.

Indeed, several deities such as Zeus, the king of the gods, did not regard Bellerophon as a god and did not want him to reach the top of Mount Olympus, the realm of the gods. Zeus thus sends a bee which unbalances Pegasus and causes the fall of the rider Bellerophon. Despite the fall of its rider, the winged horse continued on its way and managed to reach the kingdom of the gods.

Once there, he put himself at the service of the Lord of Olympus Zeus and became his mount. Subsequently, Zeus transformed Pegasus into a constellation as we said above.

How did Bellerophon die?

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After his fall from Pegasus’s back during his ascension to the realm of the gods, you would certainly like to know what happened to him. Well, it depends on the authors. According to some authors, the fall would have been more than 3000 meters and the warrior Bellerophon would have died on the spot. According to other authors on the other hand, he would have survived the fall, but would have continued his life of lonely way to his death. Anyway, after this fall, he feels humiliated and hasn’t achieved much.

Some questions about Pegasus

Now that you know everything about « death » or more precisely the end of Pegasus, you are certainly asking yourself other questions concerning his experience, in the following, we will try to answer the most frequent.

Who are his parents ?

If Pegasus is also known in mythology, it is because from the outset, its conception is particular. Indeed, it results from the union between the god of the sea and the waters (Poseidon) and the gorgon medusa. However, the concrete film of his conception remains unclear. Indeed, according to some sources, Poseidon would have deceived the gorgon Medusa, would have led him to the temple of Athena before raping her.

According to other sources, there was no rape, and Medusa (Pegasus’ mother) was totally in favor of having a relationship with Poseidon. Either way, the story goes that Pegasus was born after his mother died.

What are the feats achieved by this winged horse?

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From his experience, Pegasus achieved many feats that will remain engraved in history. First of all, he allied himself with the Bellerophon warrior in order to defeat the demonic creature the Chimera. As a reminder, this is a fairly powerful mythical creature that could be likened to 3 animals: the lion (its head and its hind legs), the goat (the body and the hind legs), the snake (the tail) . She frightened mortals terribly and to get rid of her, Pegasus let herself be straddled by Bellerophon.

Another feat of the valiant hero is the rescue of the pEthiopian Princess Andromeda with Perseus on his back. Finally, we can also cite the fact that Pegasus succeeded in reaching the kingdom of the gods.

Why did Pegasus agree to be ridden by Perseus?

According to Greek mythology, it was Perseus who murdered the gorgon Medusa, the mother of Pegasus. After such a forfeit, logic would dictate that the winged horse would never let itself be straddled by Perseus. However, this is what happened. Why ? There are several theories. For some, he did it to thank Perseus for leaving him and his brother Chrysaor alive after killing the gorgon Medusa. For others, he did it to avoid the wrath of the gorgons who were present when he was born.

Is the winged horse immortal?

Yes, indeed, Pegasus was changed into Constellation by Zeus which makes him immortal.

The death of Pegasus: what to remember

Even if Pegasus whose story fascinates everyone no longer exists, that does not mean that he is dead. Indeed, after successfully reaching the realm of the gods, he was transformed into the constellation Zeus.