Comment faire une trousse licorne DIY ?

Small kits are useful and much appreciated, even more unicorn kits for toddlers. When it comes to DIY kits, that makes it even happier, because that is also a love sign. That is why it helps to know how to make a unicorn pencil case. Back to school is fast approaching? Visit our wonderful collection of unicorn school kits for a magical year. 🦄

beautiful unicorn pencil case

Want to make a pencil case yourself? No problem ! Contrary to what you might imagine, it’s very easy to do, at least when you know it. We explain in this article how to make a DIY unicorn pencil case. We will talk about 2 shapes: rectangular and circular.

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How to make a rectangular unicorn pencil case?

rectangular unicorn pencil case

To make a unicorn pencil case, you must first prepare the necessary elements. What do we need ?

  • From a rectangular room: the material of your piece will depend on you (imitation leather, fabric, etc.). However, it will be necessary to take into account the fact that it will condition the solidity of your unicorn pencil case. As for the color, it’s just a matter of taste. However, pink is recommended if the kit is intended for a girl.
  • With a zipper: as its name suggests, it will open and close your kit. Here, you will need to take a closure whose length is a little greater than that of your future kit.
  • Glue.
  • Thread and needle.
  • The patterns of your unicorn of course: you must provide eyes, ears… The ideal would be to vary the colors in order to better decorate the kit.
  • Now that you have prepared the necessary, let’s answer step by step to the question: how to make a unicorn pencil case?

    1. Cut your fabric according to the desired dimensions of the kit

    To add a cute design to your unicorn pencil case, you can use pieces of different colors. Pink and brown for example. Also, if your unicorn’s designs haven’t been cut yet, now is the time to do it.

    During this exercise, take enough time to cut carefully so that it looks as natural as possible.

    giant unicorn plush

    2. make folds at the edges

    Folds are made around the edges of your piece to make them stronger. You can make folds ranging from 0.5 to 1 cm on average. To make it hold, you can use strong glue or sew a seam with thread as you wish.

    Also, be careful to fold the piece straight. At the end, you need to get a new rectangle that is more solid at the edges. the closure

    The next step for make a unicorn pencil case DIY is to place and glue the closure. To do this, place your rectangular piece (the face containing the folds on top). You should then place the closure in the middle of your coupon. The closure must be straight.

    As we announced above, it is advisable to have a closure longer than the part. This way you can then cut off the excess parts and keep only what is needed. Then, you have to fold the 2 parts of the fabric (part with the folds) on the closure and glue them.

    Be careful not to stick on the zipper, in order to avoid difficulty to open or close later.

    4.glue or sew the sides

    At this level, surely you must already have almost a pencil case, but with open edges. All you have to do is close them with a colle or to thread and needle.

    5.finish with the decoration

    The last step in making your unicorn pencil case is simply to decorate it. For that, you need the decorations indicated above (ears, eyes, nostrils…). You can cut these decorations from certain fabrics.

    If you have no inspiration, it is possible to download the designs from the Internet and print them out. Then cut the printed papers so that you only have the drawings. Then, put these drawings on the fabric and make a kind of layer on the sides and finalize the decoration of your kit.

    That’s it ! Now you know how to make a DIY unicorn pencil case. You just have to follow the steps and you’re done. Good luck !

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    How to make a circular unicorn pencil case?

    school pencil case for girl

    Do you have a penchant for pretty little round pencil cases? No problem ! We present you simple tips to make your own.

    As material to use, you will need:

      • 1 roll of paper towel (empty, paperless);
      • Fabric or imitation leather ;

  • Foam paper, felt, or light cardboard;
  • Glue.
  • and strengthen the roll

    The first step is to open the paper towel roll by cutting it lengthwise. To make it straight, you can first draw a straight line on the roller with pencil.

    Then reinforce this roll with foam paper, felt or light cardboard. To do this, just stick it on the roller and remove the excess parts.

    2.adjust the zipper and close the edges

    Use the glue and the zipper to glue the roll so that it is as it was at the beginning. Then close the edges using fabric and glue.

    3. make your unicorn decoration

    All that’s left for you to do is some unicorn decoration of your choice and you get your pencil case.

    You now know how to make a DIY unicorn pencil case, with the design of your choice. However, if you want to buy yourself a nice plush quickly, you can check out our unicorn pencil case collection. You can also choose from our palette the one that will meet your needs.

    girl unicorn jumpsuit