Comment faire une peluche licorne DIY

Want a personalized unicorn plush for your little one? You have two alternatives: either you entrust this task to a tailor who will not necessarily understand your needs, or you do it yourself. Admittedly, this second solution may seem difficult, but make a DIY unicorn plush is not very complicated if you have the right method. 🦄

This is why we have decided to support you in this direction by offering you the step by step steps to make your unicorn soft toy a success. But before going any further, do not hesitate to visit our unicorn plush collection if you want to buy nice soft toys for your child. If you want to buy an already beautiful unicorn plush, visit our sublime collection of unicorn soft toys in the Kingdom of Unicorn.

Prerequisites for a successful DIY plush unicorn

As with most DIY activities, making your own unicorn plush requires a few prerequisites. First you must have a little sewing experience otherwise you will have a hard time following the tutorial to the end.

As necessary material,

  • You obviously need a sewing machine. This will allow you to make the connection of the fabrics from the pattern.
  • You need a pattern who will serve as a sewing director. Indeed, it is he who will make the cuts and guide us for the assembly. You can download any pattern from the internet and print it on card stock.
  • It is also important to have sewing fabric that will allow you to cover the animal. Here, the color does not matter, depending on your desires and the customizations you want to add.
  • You need sewing threads, wire screens, padding to give shape to the DIY unicorn, glue, scissors …

Steps of making a DIY unicorn plush toy

Step 1: print the pattern and make the first cuts

The first thing to do for make a success of your DIY unicorn plush is to choose a pattern on the internet, download it, print it on cardboard and follow the cutting advice. Here, the size of the plush depends on that of the printed pattern. In other words, if you want a large plush, you have to make a print on a large sheet.

Once it’s done, place the pattern on your fabric and make all the cuts carefully with your scissor. Then embroider the eyes on the two main parts. Likewise, if you want to add a particular name or pattern, now is the time to embroider this one. But be careful, do it first with a marker to avoid mistakes while embroidering.

Step 1 DIY Unicorn Plush

Unicorn night light

Step 2: Switch to the unicorn horn and ears

A hornless unicorn is a classic horse and does not deserve to be called a unicorn. This is why this is an important point to remember. To make your horn, take a piece of fabric from the pattern cut, then fold it in half as if you want to make a horn hat. Join the sides with a seam and add glue to the end of the horn so that it is solid.

Step 2 DIY Unicorn Plush Horn

To make it look like a twisted horn, wrap a gold-colored metal grid around it and glue it with glue. Do the same for ears that do not require special experience. Our advice for these is to simply sew the ribs of the ears in pairs on the wrong side, then turn them over to bring out the correct side and join the bottom two ends with thread. This allows to have an excellent hollow inside.

Step 3 DIY Glue Gun Unicorn Plush Toy

Step 3: proceed to sewing the mane and tail of your DIY unicorn plush toy

After the horn and ears of our DIY unicorn plush toy, it’s time for the mane and tail. Here you just need to loop the thread around one of your hands and tie the loops. Try to make a pompom as shown in this picture.

Step 3 DIY Wool Unicorn Plush

For the mane you need to do the same procedure as for the tail. However, you need to cut the loops at one point to create multiple pieces of the same length. Then sew the stitches in the center and turn the other loops so that the entire mane goes in the same direction.

Step 3 DIY Unicorn Furry Plush
Unicorn jumpsuit

Step 4: make the body of your unicorn soft toy

For the body, nothing could be simpler. Just place the two sides of it side by side and sew a seam all the way to the edge. For the head, do not forget to place the ears and the horn while sewing. Also remember to leave some voluntary holes in the head, feet and trunk of the animal.

These will be used later to stuff our DIY plush unicorn. Once the holes are made, use a chopstick to flip the body over so the seams are inward. In order for your unicorn to stand upright, there will not be enough padding. It will also be necessary to make a seam at the end of the legs to solidify them.

Step 4 DIY Knitting Unicorn Plush

Step 5: Stuff the animal and add details

For this last step, you just need to take padding and gradually introduce it into the animal. As before, use a chopstick to reach narrow parts of the animal. Once it’s done, place the mane and tail with whatever seam.

Step 5 DIY Finished Unicorn Plush

How to make a DIY unicorn plush toy? : what you must remember

That’s it for this DIY plush unicorn design article! Now you are able to please your little one. Whether for a birthday gift, a baptism or others, it is a gift idea which will always pass. As with most DIY projects, you don’t have to follow our tutorial from A to Z. Indeed, this one is only a guide and you can customize it as you want. Add personal decorations, glitter… Basically, the ball is in your court for further personalization.