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The unicorn is a mythical animal with a horn in the middle of the forehead that fascinates many little girls. Some are so fans of it that they go so far as to ask their parents for a room in his image.

If you find yourself in this situation, here are some ideas on how to decorate a unicorn girl’s room to give it a poetic and wonderful side. As a bonus, we will give you some websites where you can find all the accessories you need for a unicorn decoration.

unicorn girl room

What colors to decorate a unicorn girl’s room?

According to experts, color is the basis for successful decoration. To stay in the theme, you have to try to mimic as much as possible, the colors of the unicorn. Her mane features all the colors of the rainbow (purple, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red) in pastel tones. We note all the same, a dominance for pink and blue. Besides, the unicorn also symbolizes purity, joy and magic. So the white color in remembrance of his coat will also do the trick.

Decorate the wall in the colors of the unicorn

unicorn nursery wall

These days, there are tons of unicorn-themed ideas for decorating your daughter’s room. The most common method is to re-paint the room. If you choose this option, it is better to use paints based on aqueous solutions. These have no harmful effects on the health of children.

Then you can either leave the wall as it is, or add coatings. On the one hand, there is the wallpaper and on the other hand, the stickers muraux. The first gives a new air, it’s true, but it’s a bit old-fashioned. The second is practical, revolutionary and original.

unicorn plush

Depending on the size of the room, you can buy a larger or smaller unicorn sticker; to put it above the head of the bed. These have many advantages. First of all, they are installed and peeled off easily and without damaging the paint. Also, they are washable and do not require any special maintenance. Finally, they are resistant to ultraviolet rays. In other words, the sun does not fade them.

Choose bed sets related to the unicorn theme

unicorn girl bedroom bed set

Many parents of unicorn-loving little girls wonder, how to decorate a unicorn girl’s room? To do this, you can furnish your sleeping area with accessories related to the theme. Let’s start with the bed linen. Sheets, duvet covers and pillow cases should all have a design reminiscent of unicorns.

However, in addition to reminiscent of unicorns, they should also be silky and comfortable. To avoid allergies and other rashes, invest in cotton models. In addition, unlike synthetic materials, they are very easy to maintain.

Create a play area with unicorn patterns

unicorn play area

The play area is a very important corner in your daughter’s bedroom. To decorate it on the theme of the unicorn, it is necessary to bet on toys and accessories of colors. Obviously, beyond the aesthetic aspect, you have to think above all about the safety of your little girl. Therefore, you must choose them with the greatest care.

We recommend you, the charming multicolored unicorns from the Little Pony collection. They are certainly one of your child’s favorite toys. With their long mane, they will make the play area of ​​your little one very nice. You can arrange them on a shelf or on a small wooden crate. This should fit your daughter’s size, so she can put them away after play without needing any help.

To complete the decoration, add a unicorn rug with a non-slip side. Its color will be matched with the colors of the wall, the curtains or with the bed linen. Its shape will depend on its location. Usually, rectangular shapes are placed in a corner and circular shapes in the center.

unicorn jumpsuit

Adopt a unicorn night light

Whether in your bedroom or in your daughter’s, the night light holds a special place. Indeed, unlike ordinary bulbs, it diffuses a light of very low intensity. This creates a calm and soothing atmosphere, thus promoting restful sleep.

In addition, it also allows your child to find his way around easily, when he wakes up in the night. To decorate a unicorn girl’s room, opt for a small unicorn night light. Even if she is distracted during the day, at night she will diffuse a small soft light which will create an environment conducive to daydreams.

beautiful unicorn night light

As a bonus, where to find the accessories to decorate a unicorn girl’s room?

Now that you know what to do to decorate your daughter’s unicorn-themed bedroom, the next step will be to purchase the necessary materials. Here is where to find the accessories to decorate a unicorn girl’s room.

Find accessories in online shops

Today, almost everything goes through the internet! With decorative accessories, the situation does not change. You can order yours from a website and have them delivered straight to your door. Sometimes, they even offer you tutorials to successfully decorate a girl’s room with the unicorn theme.

Buy your decoration materials in physical stores

Besides online stores, there are also many physical stores that specialize in selling home decor accessories. Most often, it is possible to find unicorn items to transform your louloutte’s room. However, note that these stores are generally more expensive and offer a less stocked catalog than that of an e-shop.