Comment bien choisir sa parure de lit licorne ? | Royaume de licorne

Do you want to dress your child’s bed as a unicorn so that they can enjoy a sweet sleep? This is a great idea, because it is sort of the state of a bedroom that conditions a child’s sleep. However, given the different references of unicorn bed sets that exist, it is important to make the right choice. Let’s take stock of the criteria to be considered in the rest of this post.

The quality of the unicorn bed set

When you want to choose a bed set for your child, the first thing to think about is judging the good quality. Indeed, not all sets are suitable for all seasons. Those that will go for the spring season, for example, may not be the best quality for the summer season.

During the summer, the right quality bedding set is one that is not too thick. This, because it is very hot during this period, so a light bed linen for a hot season is ideal. On the other hand, during the winter, to say that we made the right choice, the unicorn bed linen chosen must be very heavy. This, in order to be able to protect your children against the cold of this season.

Unicorn Bed Set

The material of the bed set

When choosing your child’s adornment, once the quality has been selected, you have to choose the right material. Indeed, it is an element which determines the lifespan of the linen. However, you should know that this element is personal. Which means that the material of the set that will make you feel comfortable, is not the one that will suit the other.

Therefore, the most important thing is to make an individual choice that meets your own needs. In addition, the most used and recommended adornment materials are cotton and polyester microfiber.

The color of the unicorn bed set

Many people tend to overlook colors when choosing their unicorn bedding set. However, it is a criterion not to be neglected, just like the material and the quality. Indeed, it is an element which is perfect for the decoration of the room. If your room has been painted in striking colors, follow up with the bed linens so that the patterns complement each other.

Remark : the choice of the colors of the set does not depend on what you saw in the neighbor, even less on the choice of the neighbor. Indeed, you should know that everything depends on the style of the interior of your bedroom, and also on your age. Because the colors that a 2 year old girl likes are not the same for a 12 year old girl.

The dimensions of your unicorn bed set

Parure de lit licorne 1

Like the three previous elements, the dimensions of your laundry are to be taken into consideration to make a good choice. Indeed, the bed linen must be slightly larger than the bed and the mattress.

For example, for a bed that is 90 x 190 cm in size, you need a set of approximately 140 x 200 cm. A set that is too big or small does not look good. Therefore, we must try to avoid it being.