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Little Pony hair has been in fashion for several seasons. I will explain to you how to make your hair unicorn dyed and especially how to take care of your bleached hair 😉

If you want to make up like a unicorn, we have an article on the subject: unicorn makeup

Pastel dye, mermaid hair, ombre hair, neon curls …. For several seasons, the hair has seen all kinds of colors! Whether you choose red or purple hair, here are some tips for dyeing your hair and preserving their color with shampoos 🔥

I want a unicorn mane: how should I do it?

That’s it, it’s decided, you want the same hair as Tamara in Princess Starla and the magic jewelry! It’s great, but before you cover your scalp in Power Ranger poop, know that the path to the Avalon Knight’s mane is long and not without danger (burn, break, crack …) for your hair.

After weighing the pros and cons, you can take out your little chemist’s equipment and put on your ex’s favorite t-shirt: he’ll send the color 🤣🤣🤣🤣!

What hair color to choose according to my skin tone.

Rainbow unicorn hair

1) Light complexion: tone-on-tone coloring

When the skin is very pale, it is difficult to choose a suitable color. Too light, it can fade, and conversely, a color that is too dark tends to be unnatural and weigh down the face. The best option? Stay close to your base and bring a touch of light to it.

Unicorn wig

2) Fair skin? Choose a blonde coloring

If you have fair skin, your best ally will be blond! Soft, luminous and youthful, this color will flatter your complexion. In addition, blonde hair has a wide range of shades: Platinum Blonde, California Blonde, Ash Blonde, etc.

3) golden to matte complexions: focus on warm complexions

For tanned complexions, give way to deep tones like chestnut, ice chestnut or chocolate. Coppery colors like mahogany or Venetian blonde also work if you have light eyes: blue, green, or hazelnut. On the other hand, avoid blonde hair that is too light! They create too much contrast and can dull your skin tone.

Trendy pastel hair colors are not exclusive to unicorns.

pastel unicorn hair

The Unicorns generation comes from the term « Unicorn Hair » and is used whenever we talk about original hair dyes in pastel shades. Without necessarily referring to a particular style. For older girls, taking inspiration from the world of unicorns is just as interesting. The harmonies of hair colors become, at the discretion of the artist, a symphony of bolder contrasts with a more classic side.

– First step: discoloration

Unicorn hair fade

The first step towards a My Little Pony-like mane is fading. Yes, before you can apply the color of your choice, you need to bleach your hair as much as possible so that the red-orange and purple are as intense as possible. This step is mandatory, even if your hair is naturally brown, black, dark blonde, gray, …

We wick with shades of purple, pink, peach and blue, but still very clear. A discreet result for those who want to get into the crazy hair without overdoing it. Super positive point: the colors gradually fade to leave only the blonde. Convenient to avoid constant touch-ups. Do you want to try it? Go ahead, take some selfies: you’re sure to go viral. You have opted for navy blue, otherwise, you will only have reflections!

Bleaching is always done on « dirty » hair to avoid burning the scalp. You can do this yourself with a specific product (there is often some in the « Hair Color » section of supermarkets) or go to a hair salon if you don’t feel up to it.

If you have very dark hair, I advise you to trust a professional hairstylist to avoid ending up with unsightly orange strands.

– Second step: The coloring

Before tackling the color, first wash your hair with a mild, silicone-free shampoo. Skip the « Conditioner » step and dry your mane with a hair dryer.

Once your hair is perfectly dry, you can apply petroleum jelly (or a very oily cream) to the contours of your hair to prevent the coloring from coming into contact with your skin (colored spots are rare but they can happen. and are very inconvenient to remove).

Unicorn degreaser

Then apply your color, starting at your hairline, using a wide brush, and spread it over your lengths with a comb. Leave to act for at least thirty minutes, as indicated in the instructions for use of your coloring product.

Once the exposure time has elapsed, rinse your hair with cold water (very important for fixing the color) and apply a nourishing mask to your lengths. You can then rinse your hair and style it as usual.

Here is a short video made by Aka Aislim with vegan hair color and cruelty free Arctic Fox Hair Colors.

Different ways to keep your rainbow hair hydrated

How to have rainbow hair

That’s it, your hair is finally the color of your dreams! You will be able to open a fashion blog and become an Instagram star ✨. But in order for your degree of illness to always remain higher than the IQ of a reality TV star, and to avoid having to cut your hair very, very short, you are going to have to take great care of your mane, which , it must be said, was well scrambled.

To protect the shine and uniformity of your color, wash your hair as little as possible, with a mild shampoo, without sulfates, and always in cold water. Never skimp on nourishing conditioner: your lengths kill the stone!

Always protect your hair when diving in the pool or at sea and when exposing yourself to the sun.

For a good hydration bath, you can leave coconut oil or argan oil on your hair for several hours as a pre-shampoo mask.

Too bad for these little beauty tips for rainbow hair! And what are you doing to keep your color?


If you don’t want to take the risk of damaging the hair, you can also use clip-in hair extensions that will keep you from damaging the hair and looking like a unicorn. There are a lot of reasons that can make you hesitate to color because you want to have healthy hair. Extensions are a good alternative. There are also wigs that allow you to change up your look. 100% natural and synthetic, you have the choice to have a more natural look than the other. Available in candy, lavender, fuchsia, electric.

What are the actions to prevent hair breakage?

Rainbow Hair Drying

The coloring of your hair is not insignificant. There are therefore gestures to be banned to avoid any hair suicide! First of all, don’t straighten your hair, let alone wet hair. This action causes the loss of shine in your hair. However, if you are hooked on a hair straightener, it is essential to leave ten days between each straightening session. In addition, it is advisable to promote steam straightening. Another tip: keep your hair warm! A hairdryer used at too high a temperature can be very harmful to your hair, breaking it and making it very fragile. It is recommended to use the « cold » option of your device for less traumatic drying. Otherwise, natural drying is the best way to improve the health of your hair. If you are coming back from a holiday in the sun and the sea, find our advice for the care of colored hair after the holidays. Last tip: avoid dry shampoos as much as possible.