Chris Jericho Comments On Broken Skull Sessions Interview, No Topic Was Forbidden

AEW Star Chris Jericho spoke about his interview on “The Broken Skull Sessions” with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin which took place on Peacock (WWE Network – internationally). The interview sent shock waves throughout the wrestling world, as it was the first time that an AEW wrestler (Jericho) would appear on any WWE programming to discuss anything and everything related to both organizations, including Jericho’s career leading up to the present day.

Jericho spoke to Digital Spy about his experience. Here are the highlights from that interview below:

On if anyone told him what he could or couldn’t talk about: “No. Both Vince [McMahon] and Tony [Khan] had to give their approval. But I think they both trust me and they trust Steve [Austin] and know that we’re not going to do some kind of a wonton burial or talk about a bunch of s**t that doesn’t matter. I never would have done this show and Steve would have never had me on the show if the idea wasn’t to talk about my whole career because that’s what people want to hear about.

“I give WWE credit for allowing that, for allowing me to be on the show. There was no involvement as far as edits, we went two hours and seven minutes on the show. I don’t think we talked much longer, maybe another 10 minutes or 15 minutes and most of that stuff was taken out just for time constraints. I know there’s some bonus stories they’re going to be putting up,” he continued. “But it wasn’t like they had to cut anything that we said because everything that we said was the truth and it was real.”

On discussing AEW on the episode: “I think we blew people’s minds that a) we talked about AEW and b) more importantly that we started talking AEW at the beginning. Steve and I both thought that was the best way to do it because so many pundits and critics were like, ‘They’ll never talk about AEW,’ and when we led off the show with that topic, I think it really hooked people to be going, ‘Holy smokes they talked about AEW! What else are they going to talk about?’”

On what he’s most proud about regarding the interview: “I’m most proud of the fact that I did it, that Chris Jericho appeared on a WWE program. It was a very groundbreaking moment, that announcement. It blew a lot of people’s mind’s and that’s what I enjoy doing. I enjoy doing the unexpected where people see things or they go, ‘Holy smokes Jericho did that. What else can this guy do?’ So to me, just the fact that it was me that kind of opened that ‘forbidden door’ quote-unquote, even further. I take great pride in that. Once again, it’s another thing that Chris Jericho did that probably nobody else could do at this point in time and I like that. I get off on that.”