Captain America and Agatha Harkness of WandaVision work together to take down the Red Skull

More news at Marvel. WandaVision came to an end a couple of weeks ago and the comic world continues to explore Agatha Harkness’s story with one of the franchise’s most popular Avengers: Captain America.

In a new Marvel Comics preview for Captain America # 28, Steve Rogers is fighting the Red Skull and has teamed up with Agatha Harkness, the same malevolent witch who was an antagonist on the WandaVision series.

Agatha Harkness has gained popularity thanks to WandaVision, but the character has been in Marvel comics for several years. Unlike the witch played by Kathryn Hahn, the Agatha Harkness who supports Captain America with her spells and experience, something that we will see in more detail in the publication of the next issue.

Vignettes from the next episode of Captain America (Marvel)

After the villainous Power Elite framed Captain America for the assassination of General Thunderbolt Ross, the combined efforts of the Daughters of Liberty, Falcon, and the Winter Soldier helped Rogers clear his name.

It turns out that Ross had simply been captured by Power Elite, and the resulting rescue attempt restored him the ability to transform into the Red Hulk. As for Agatha, she is one of the oldest members of the Daughters of Liberty, instructing the organization in the ways of magic. She also recently recruited Princess Shuri of Wakanda to join her group of women dedicated to fighting for freedom.

Vignettes from the next episode of Captain America (Marvel)

However, while Captain America may have been exonerated, he still has a long way to go in terms of how he is viewed by the general public. Red Skull is taking advantage of this in a big way, instigating riots against Captain America and thus tarnishing his image. For this reason, Rogers turns to Agatha to put an end to all the inventions that damage the prestige of Captain America.

MARVEL | Agatha’s past on WandaVision

Screenwriter Jac Schaeffer explained some details about what they had to cut from the show by timing issues. There it is commented that Agatha’s story was shortened:

“She felt [la magia de Wanda] and came to investigate; he wasn’t in Westview. She felt what she calls the ‘glow of so many spells cast at once’, and she’s like … a succubus. Travel in search of powerful beings to draw from. So yeah, we had a lot of ideas like where is it. what has he been doing, what has been his journey and all that. And that didn’t make it to the show because it was the right move, but it was helpful for us to have a kind of bio for her. But yeah, he sniffed it and it showed up and had to find out what was going on, ”he explained.

Of course, many fans have asked for actress Kathryn Hahn to return to the MCU at some point. His performance was quite good and Harkness is a very charismatic character.

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