Caerphilly man jailed for attacking and harassing ex-partner

A FORMER A* college pupil has been jailed after twice violently attacking his ex-girlfriend and threatening to “put a bullet in her skull”.

Lewis Deabreu, 22, of St James Close in Maesycwmmer, attacked his victim in a Tirphil park and at the railway station, and harassed her with threatening phone calls between December last year – before the pair even got together – and May.

Deabreu was ordered not to contact the victim after he was placed on bail for another offence on February 12.

But just days after the bail conditions were set, Deabreu approached the victim outside her home and said he needed to speak with her at the park, Nik Strobl, prosecuting, told Newport Crown Court.

“In the park the defendant pushed her to the floor and while she was on the floor he held a broken bottle to her face,” said Mr Strobl.

“She cried out for help and he called her a p***y.”

Mr Strobl told the court how Deabreu then walked the victim, aged 19 at the time, to the railway station – threatening to kill her if she didn’t.

“At the train station he pushed her to the floor and punched and kicked her,” said Mr Strobl.

While the victim was on the floor, the defendant “tried to wipe [the victim’s] phone of certain messages and videos.”

On May 3, the victim was on a train when Deabreu – who was in “an intoxicated state” – came and sat next to her.


“He said he wanted to be civil with her, but when she told him to f*** off, he said that he would kill her,” said Mr Strobl.

Before the situation could escalate, however, a train conductor intervened.

The court was told about recordings of a series of phone calls made by Deabreu to the victim between December and May.

Describing the calls, Mr Strobl said Deabreu had called the woman « fat » and « ugly » and « said he would put a bullet in her skull”.

“It made me feel suicidal a few times. It made me feel like I was nothing,” said the victim, via a statement read out in court.

“My mental health fell down the drain. I’m getting there slowly from what he done, but it made me feel like I was nothing.”

Deabreu has three previous convictions for three offences.

Jeffrey Jones, defending, said: “The majority of the violence came when he was 21. He was still young. He was immature still.

“He was not heavily convicted. He has no prior prison sentences. So why is he here? He knows it’s simply because of class A drug use and alcohol.

“He lost his job. He was homeless at the time. There was no family guidance around him.

“He is a young man who could achieve much better in life. He achieved three A levels – two at A grades and one at A* grade.

“The defendant’s time in prison has been a wake-up call for him. He does feel remorse. He does feel empathy for her.”

Recorder Greg Bull QC sentenced Deabreu to eight months in prison for the charge of harassment (putting a person in fear of violence), and two months for the charge of assault by beating.

He also handed Debreu a further four months for breaching a community order.

A restraining order was also imposed, and Deabreu must pay a £156 victim surcharge.

Recorder Bull told the defendant: “I would have imposed a longer sentence for the assault if it wasn’t for the principle of totality.”