Black Widow Forgets To Answer Red Skull’s Endgame Mystery

Black Widow connects to different parts of Natasha Romanoff’s MCU past, but the movie forgot to answer a Red Skull mystery from Avengers: Endgame.

Black Widow features callbacks and answers to various moments in Natasha Romanoff’s life, but Scarlett Johansson’s solo movie forgot to answer one Avengers: Endgame mystery. Fans waited more than a decade to finally get a Black Widow movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Now that it has been released, audiences can experience a new adventure in Natasha’s life set between Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War. The prequel setting was mandatory for Black Widow after Avengers: Endgame killed the longtime Avenger.

The MCU is known for including references and Easter eggs to its other movies in each new installment, and Black Widow is no exception. The film’s prequel setting allows it to even take things a step further, with Natasha’s journey answering questions about her past and setting up her future. Black Widow gave fans the opportunity to learn what actually happened during Natasha and Hawkeye’s Budapest mission, put a surprising twist on The Avengers‘ Dreykov’s daughter mention, and even confirmed why Black Widow’s costume in Avengers: Infinity War was important to her. All of these moments answered lingering questions from Natasha’s story, but there is one mystery that Black Widow failed to address.

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Despite answering many questions about her past, Black Widow forgot to explain why Red Skull called Natasha the « daughter of Ivan » in Avengers: Endgame. As part of the Avengers’ time heist mission to obtain all of the Infinity Stones, Natasha and Clint traveled to Vormir in 2014 to acquire the Soul Stone. They were surprised to be greeted by Red Skull, who is the guardian of the Soul Stone at this time, just as he was during Avengers: Infinity War. This version of Red Skull is much more knowledgeable about those who come to Vormir, and his calling Natasha the daughter of Ivan even surprised her. With Black Widow coming out after Avengers: Endgame, many fans expected the solo film to provide a bit more information on this aspect of Natasha’s past too.

The lack of a payoff for Avengers: Endgame‘s « daughter of Ivan » line is somewhat surprising. Natasha does say in Endgame that not even she was aware of who her father was, but it was unclear why that was the case. Black Widow goes deep enough into her backstory that it could’ve provided an answer, too. The movie reveals that Natasha was taken from her birth mother at a young age after the Red Room identified her great genetic potential to be a spy. Even though Dreykov and the Red Room paid off Natasha’s mother for her life, she continued to look for her child until Dreykov ordered her to be killed.

Black Widow contains all of these details about Natasha’s mom, someone who was never mentioned before in the MCU, which is why completely forgetting about Ivan is odd. Since Johansson’s time in the MCU is believed to be over, Red Skull’s Endgame line will likely never be addressed again. That will leave fans to speculate as to why Ivan wasn’t mentioned at all. He could’ve left Natasha’s mother or died before she was born, but there’s also the chance Ivan is still alive in the MCU and has no idea his daughter grew up to become one of Earth’s most important superheroes.

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