Back Arrow Episode 19: Release Date, Preview and Spoilers

Back Arrow is left with fewer than six episodes to conclude the episode finale. Let’s find out if Arrow will make it to the other side of the wall. Rekka recovered the flying dreadnought commanders by Tae. The Bind Wappers they discovered within it restore their might. Meanwhile, Lutoh launched the flying dreadnought Maestrog and chased Granedger United. Arrow and the crew headed to Epitaph Mountain since they were trying to avoid the fight. Lind Faith invited them beyond the wall, but Arrow saw something different.

The episode is titled ”Is This the World’s Truth.” After the Granedger pass, the wall Arrow reveals that there are three walls. Commander Prax comments that she never imagined passing through the wall. Shuu told them that they have to hurry and get to Epitaph Mountain. Commander Prax worried that if they keep on meeting with the infinity walls like this, they won’t move forward. Eisha notices another wall and warns the crew that they are going to pass through the third wall.

Previously on Back Arrow Episode 19

Inside the Granedger, Atlee asks Lind Faith about what is going on. Lind Faith reveals that the walls are camouflage to guard the sacred mountain. Bitt wonders if Lutoh will be able to catch up with them. Lind Faith reveals that only those welcomed by the Founder can pass. At Lutoh’s ship, the high-ups told the warriors that they have plenty of Bind Warpers to spare and they must go without fear. The warriors wear the Bind Warpers and begin to locate Arrow’s crew. Baran and Peath talked about the Maestrog.

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Peath reveals that Maestrog is good to launch, but it has light damages. Baran wonders if it is good for their Kingdom to attack. Peath replies that they have no choice since Rekka has reagin their power, and Arrow refuses to kill. He also said they have enough Warpers to their advantage. Baran asks if the World Wall they are facing is fake. Supreme Rudolph asks Baran if he doesn’t trust things that he says. Baran realizes that Rudolph is the most powerful and feared Supreme. Barano shouts that ”Of course I do! I trust your information, sir.”

He reveals that they are attacking the World Wall at this very moment. The warrior of Lutoh started to attack the World Wall with heavy blows after realizing that Baran has communicated with Supreme Rudolph. Meanwhile, Arrow’s crew is passing through a mysterious valley. Lind Faith comments that this is a cheerful place. Arrow notices something hanging off the pillars and asks what it is. Shuu uses the camera of the Granedger to see what Arrow is talking about. Bitt shouts that it is the human skulls.

Back Arrow

Back Arrow

Founder of Lind Faith

He realizes that many humans who attempt to go beyond the World Wall have died here. Bitt comments that they are too many and he is scared that they might also end as those humans’ skulls. He tried to boost his confidence and get rid of fear by saying that those skulls are fake or he might be dreaming. Atlee also notices Dr. Sola Skull and shows it to the others. She told Eisha to stop the Granedger, Arrow, and Commander Prax head to retrieve Dr. Sola’s skull.

Commander Prax can’t believe that her brother is turned into a skull. She wonders who did this to her brother. A mysterious hooded man arrived and told Commander Pax along with Arrow not to touch the skull. He reveals that the skulls are decaying in peace, and no one must defile their passage. Bitt shout that the mysterious hooded man is floating. Lind Faith reveals that the hooded man is the Founder of Lind Faith. Arrow asks the Founder if he is the one who called him here.

Commander Prax asks about the Pillars and the skulls. The Founder reveals that the faces of all who died in Lingalid are hewn on this megalith. It is proof that they lived rest upon Epitaph Mountain, and their souls reach from the summit to the heavens. Later Dyzzonaza and her army arrive; she battles with Arrow’s crew, and Ropdoph orders her to take down Granedger.

Back Arrow Episode 19 Release Date & Where To Watch

Back Arrow Episode 19 will release on Saturday, 15 May 2021, at 12:00 AM. You can watch Back Arrow online, Funimation. We will update more updates after episode 19 is released.

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