Article Writing For Profit – What is Keyword Optimization?

We all know that the higher the ranking of your website, the larger the number of hits or traffic you will receive to your site or squeeze page. To achieve this, more and more web managers are employing keyword optimization techniques.

More and more websites are going online each and every day, and so now, competition is fierce to occupy solid positions in search engine results. Anywhere between the #1 and number #10 in a search engine results is satisfactory.

To get these kinds of results you are going to need to employ keyword optimization techniques and it is important that you know what you are doing.

You cannot simply just repeatedly use a keywords or keyword phrases in your articles in the hope that you will achieve the desired results.

It is important that you carry out your keyword optimization technique in an effective and correct manner.

Here is what you should do:

#1 – You should match any keywords or keyword phrases used in your title with your content. There is no point in having a keyword such as « Blood Oranges » if the content of your article is about « Bananas ». That will not work, and that constitutes a mismatch.

#2 – There are people who believe that you should ensure that the keyword density of your article is of a particular number, i.e. between 3% and 9%. I don’t believe you need to focus on density at all. It is just important that you mention the keyword one or two times within the article.

It is imperative that you avoid using the same keyword or keyword phrase in the same sentence, as some article directories will not accept any article over using keywords. It is actually better if you can place all the keywords that you intend to use in the top half of your article. Most search engine spiders do not read past the top half of any article.

#3 – Another good ploy is to spell your keyword in different ways and also include plurals. So once you have chosen your keyword, have included it in your title and it has been mentioned one or two times within the article, there is no need to focus on it any longer. It is more important that your article is easy to understand by the reader, and that you do not alienate your article so that it is rejected by the article directories.