Arenysaurus skull by olofmoleman on DeviantArt

A hypothetical composite skull reconstruction of Arenysaurus arevoli. The known elements are in white. Unknown elements in grey. Scale bar is 10 cm.

No crest is known for Arenysaurus, so it’s quite speculative. I’ve tried to make the missing crest and rostrum as plausible as possible based on the known bones. The rostrum I’ve mainly based on the general size and angle of the facial features. The braincase of Arenysaurus is fairly well preserved. So I used the frontal bones on there where the crest would attach to infer roughly what size and angle the base of the crest would have been like. Especially when comparing this with other more well known hadrosaurs it becomes clear the certain crest shapes would not be possible. So I filled in the rest of the gaps by giving the crest a sort of generalized shape within the restrictions I had.

Arenysaurus is a lambeosaurine hadrosaur from the late Maastrichtian in Spain.