Apex Legends Arenas Map Revealed Skull Town

Apex Legends Updates: After the release of the teaser this week, the developers of Apex Legends confirmed the return of fan-favorite King’s Canyon location Skull Town as an Arenas map as a part of the Genesis Collection Event.

Season 5 has introduced Loba to Apex Legends and in order to welcome the Season, the frantic desert point of interest Skull Town was destroyed and was sunk into the ocean. The players are still able to see the remains of the bones poking out of the water by the cliff as they spawn into later versions of King’s Canyon, but the original map will be back just the way it was when the game was new.

Every two to four months, a new season is introduced to Apex Legends. The most recent update is season 9, The Legacy Season which introduced a new character Valkyrie into the game, the arena game mode, and many more. When it comes to the arena mode, it is a 3v3 match with a closed arena. The only way for a team to win in this arena is to kill all the three members of the enemy team.

The Apex Legends’ recent tweets give a subtle hint to the return of the Skull Town. Sure enough, EA soon after revealed the game’s 9.1 updates Genesis Collection Event and Quality of Life Updates, which will bring back Skull Town as a fully formed Arenas map.

Along with the return of Skull Town, the Genesis Collection Event will also allow players to host battles on the original King’s Canyon and World’s Edge maps, all at the same time bringing new cosmetics and game balance upgrades for various Legends.

Apex Legends Map Event

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As the drop zone, Skull Town has four lanes of looting that are surrounded by a set of buildings which makes it perfect for battles.  Depending upon a Legend’s special ability In Arenas, guns can only be obtained by purchasing them during a “buying phase” at the start of each round instead of finding them after dropping into an area, which will definitely change how players approach the classic POI.

Even though players’ lost lives can still be restored, and their abilities still be used, Arenas has no respawns since the goal is to completely remove all the members of the rival squad to win the round. In such arenas, teamwork is what works the most.

The quality of life changes which includes balance changes and bug fixes to Legends, weapons, arenas, and individual maps. The Arenas mode specifically achieved adjustments to the prices to unlock or upgrade weapons, utilities, and abilities.

The return of Skull Town was mentioned more than once in the time period of a week and given the tweets and subtle hints, fans could guess that this map was, well, coming. Gamers will be able to enjoy Skull Town to its fullest and the rest of the Genesis Collection Event and Quality of Life Updates on June 29, but it will only run until July 13.

With more Arenas maps in high demand, making Skull Town an Arena map in Apex Legends and revisiting OG King’s Canyon are great ways to bring back fan favorites while still being able to move the game smoothly forward.