A Marvel Villain Took Away All The Avengers’ Powers At Once

Marvel’s Avengers just lost all of their powers after Red Skull used remnants of the Infinity Stones to depower them all at once.

Warning: spoilers for Tech-On Avengers #1 below!

Earth’s Mightiest Heroes just got hit where it hurts the most, as the Red Skull used the Infinity Stones to depower the Avengers. In Tech-On Avengers #1, heroes could only watch as the villain drained their powers after harnessing the remaining powers of Marvel’s powerful gems, leaving the superteam scrambling with what to do next. Thankfully, Iron Man has a solution: Give custom mechs for each of his teammates.

In Tech-On Avengers #1 by Marvel Comics, the heroes have finally defeated Thanos and destroyed the Infinity Stones. While telling the public the Mad Titan is no longer a threat, Captain America reveals taking down the cosmic juggernaut came at a significant cost and lives were lost to finally beat him. However, as the hero gives his speech, Avengers Mansion is hit with a surprise attack by the Red Skull – who reveals that he’s somehow gained the powers of the Infinity Stones.

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In Tech-On Avengers #1 by Jim Zub, Jeff « Chamba » Cruz, and VC’s Travis Lanham, Red Skull tells the Avengers that after the destruction of the Infinity Stones, he took the dust from the gems and created the Infinity Mirror Shards. So, while the Avengers thought the Infinity Stones’ powers were finally gone forever, Red Skull found a way to take the last remaining remnants for his own use. With the power of the Infinity Mirror Shards, Red Skull depowers the Avengers all at once.

The impact of Red Skull’s actions are incredible. Across the Marvel Universe, the greatest heroes all lose their powers simultaneously. Ben Grimm turns back into a human, Captain Marvel is left free-falling out the sky, Captain America reverts to his « Tiny Steve » form, Spider-Man loses his spider-sense, Ms. Marvel is no longer able to embiggen, and Wolverine is nearly killed as his adamantium are no longer protected by his healing factor. Red Skull’s attack is one of the most effective single blows since Thanos snapped half of reality out of existence.

Despite the mass depowering of the Avengers, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes don’t give up despite being put in such a tough position collectively. Instead, they decide to take the fight to the Red Skull, as Iron Man provides each powerless hero a custom mech suit that turns the team into the Iron Avengers. The mech suits are the Avengers’ last hope at defeating the Red Skull and regaining their powers. But, can the team take on an Infinity Stone-powered villain without their greatest abilities? Readers will soon find out more, as Tech-On Avengers #1 is in comic book stores now.

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