5 Villains Who Should Be Imprisoned (& 5 Who Should Be Executed)

The villains of Marvel are some of the greatest in comics. Whether they be solo or in their villainous teams, they have proven to be a grave challenge to the heroes over the years. The crimes they commit and the schemes they enact can be quite terrible and they more than live up to their intimidating reputations. However, one of the biggest problems with them is that they keep showing back up.

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Some Marvel villains have committed terrible crimes and yet the heroes often go out of their way to imprison them rather than seeking a permanent solution. While not every villain deserves to be executed, there are many who certainly do.

10 Should Be Imprisoned: Doctor Doom Technically Can’t Be Incarcerated But He Does Deserve It

Doctor Doom Iron Man Armor feature

Doctor Doom has done a surprising amount of good for a villain, even saving the universe on more than one occasion. However, that doesn’t change the fact that he’s done some rather terrible things over the years. As the leader of a sovereign nation, he does have diplomatic immunity but that doesn’t change the fact he should be imprisoned.

On the villain scale, Doom’s schemes are surprisingly bloodless. He’s murdered very few people in ways that were actually illegal, so executing him for his crimes makes no sense. Putting him in prison, if it was possible, would be the way to go,

9 Should Be Executed: Thanos Deserves To Be With His Love

thanos comic

Thanos is one of the greatest villains in the Marvel Universe and has a rather impressive body count. Even if one doesn’t count his Infinity Gauntlet-powered Snap, Thanos has been responsible for the deaths of millions over the years. While he’s very hard to kill, it would entirely be possible.

Thanos is a constant threat to the entire universe and the fact that the great powers of the universe haven’t come together and tried him for his crimes and executed him is just plain bizarre. Galactus has been put on trial; the fact that Thanos hasn’t doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

8 Should Be Imprisoned: Loki Is A Bad Guy But He’s Not A Bad Guy

Loki has been around for a long time and he’s got the scars to prove it, having almost died many times in his battles against the heroes of the Marvel Universe. While Loki’s crimes aren’t exactly bloodless, it’s hard to know whether he should actually be blamed for them. See, so much of Loki’s life has been influenced by his role as the God of Mischief that it’s hard to really blame his actions on him.

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In a lot of ways, Loki’s evil deeds can be blamed on a lot of other things; he can be malicious, sure, but in a court of law, his crimes wouldn’t be great enough to warrant execution. On top of that, he can be rather helpful when it comes right down to it and can be of help to others if he also profits from it.

7 Should Be Executed: Carnage Should Be Eliminated

Spider-Man has faced down a lot of terrible villains but few are as terrifying as Carnage. Carnage basks in killing; even before he ever had a symbiote, he was a serial killer. Killing is Carnage’s life and he’s very good at it, having mastered using his symbiote in the art of scratching his homicidal itches.

Carnage deserves to be executed. There’s really no two ways about it- there are few villains out there whose entire thing is killing like him. Carnage isn’t in it for anything else but to kill as many people as possible.

6 Should Be Imprisoned: Typhoid Mary’s Mental Illness Influences Her Criminal Actions

Typhoid Mary fighting

Typhoid Mary has battled Daredevil for years, her mutant mental abilities of telepathy and pyrokinesis making her a challenge even for the Man Without Fear. However, Typhoid Mary has multiple personalities due to abuse suffered when she was a child. Her Typhoid Mary personality is the one that commits all of the crimes. Not her.

Typhoid Mary’s main personality isn’t a bad person, so executing her for her crimes wouldn’t be fitting.

5 Should Be Executed: Bullseye Should Be Taken Out

Bullseye is one of the most dangerous assassins on Earth, with anything he grabs becoming a deadly weapon in his hands. Working for the highest bidder, Bullseye loves his job. Killing people is one of the few things in the world he actually enjoys and even when he’s only paid to kill one person, he ends up killing way more people « incidentally ».

Bullseye has been incarcerated numerous times and should have been taken seriously as a threat and taken out.

4 Should Be Imprisoned: The Lizard Can’t Control Himself In Lizard Form

The Lizard is a rather tragic villain. He just wanted to grow his arm back and help other people who lost their limbs. However, his experiments on himself transformed him into the Lizard, causing him to lose control of himself and commit crimes. While he’s killed a few people in his day, the fact that he wasn’t himself absolves him of a lot of the responsibility.

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Dr. Curt Connor isn’t a bad person but when he’s the Lizard, he can’t help what happens. For this reason alone, he should be imprisoned and kept away from the chemicals that transform him into his feral alter ego.

3 Should Be Executed: Sabretooth Is A Monster

Sabretooth X-Men

Sabretooth is one of Wolverine’s most vicious enemies and he has spent decades doing the most terrible things possible. He’s abused and killed multitudes of people, committed terrible war crimes, and basically done all kinds of things that warrant execution. While his healing factor makes him hard to kill, it’s not impossible.

Sabretooth’s crimes are such that allowing him to stay alive has become asinine. Most methods of execution wouldn’t work against him but drowning or beheading by the Murasama blade would.

2 Should Be Imprisoned: The Green Goblin Hasn’t Crossed The Line Yet

Green Goblin teaming with Spider-Man

Green Goblin is one of Spider-Man’s greatest foes but when it comes right down to it, most of his crimes are rather tame. He didn’t actually kill Gwen Stacy- that was Spider-Man- and while he was responsible for some deaths during his time as head of HAMMER, he was law enforcement at the time, so any deaths can be rationalized.

He’s done a lot bad things but none of them have warranted execution.

1 Should Be Executed: Red Skull’s Death Would Save Countless Lives

The Red Skull got his start as a Nazi operative before hatching schemes that have killed many

This is a man who been committing monstrous crimes for decades. He’s one of the most terrible villains around, working from a terrible ideology of racism and bringing others to his cause. He is little more than a symbol of hate. He should have been executed ages ago.

The only problem with executing Red Skull is that he never stays dead but by now, everyone knows that. With as many super intelligent heroes there are, they should be able to figure out a way to execute the villain and make sure he never comes back.

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