10 Most Memorable Quotes From The First Avenger

Captain America: The First Avenger was the fifth entry in the MCU and cemented Chris Evans as a true superstar. The film served as an origin story for Steve Rogers and mostly takes place during World War II. It also introduced The Tesseract, which would later be confirmed as an Infinity Stone. Besides Captain America, a young Howard Stark, The Red Skull, Bucky Barnes, and Peggy Carter would debut in this film and would be a huge part of future MCU moments.

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The First Avenger was a huge success and led directly into 2012’s The Avengers, the first movie to bring many heroes together. Chris Evan’s embodied everything Captain America is, from his good heart to his super-soldier strength. Captain America became the face of the MCU and it all began with The First Avenger, which featured a lot of memorable quotes from different characters.

10 « This One’s Waited Long Enough! » – Shield Lieutenant

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The opening scene of The First Avenger has S.H.I.E.L.D. agents discovering a buried ship in the snow. Little did they know that it was the same ship Captain America crashed, saving millions of lives with his sacrifice. Fans knew from the trailers that the film was a prequel to past MCU movies so this opening scene was a fun surprise.

The S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents laser a hole through the top of the buried ship and start investigating the inside. When Cap’s shield is uncovered, the Lieutenant tells the radio to wake up the higher-ups at S.H.I.E.L.D. because « this one’s waited long enough. » It was the perfect way to open the film and made fans eager to find out how Cap got frozen in the ice for 70 years.

9 « I Thought You Were Dead. »https://www.cbr.com/ »I Thought You Were Smaller – Captain America & Bucky Barnes

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The friendship of James « Bucky » Barnes and Steve Rogers stood the test of time and is still having effects on today’s MCU. When Cap decides to break away from being a dancing monkey, he goes to the HYDRA base where he knows lots of American soldiers are imprisoned.

After releasing most of the soldiers, Steve searches and finds his best friend Bucky. Bucky, who clearly was being tortured and experimented on, is a bit groggy and is calmly surprised when his small best friend rescues him. However, since Cap received the serum, he was way bigger than the last time Buck saw him. Steve tells Bucky that he thought he was dead, to which Bucky hilariously replies, « I thought you were smaller. »

8 « How Do You Feel? »https://www.cbr.com/ »Taller. » – Agent Carter & Steve Rogers

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The moment that chamber opens up and Alan Silvestri’s score hits, every fan in the world fell in love with Captain America. The REAL Captain America… sorry, John Walker! In another funny nod to his size, Steve says he feels taller when Agent Carter asks how he feels.

Steve’s body went through a major transformation after receiving the serum and finally had the strength and size to match his spirit and heart. Agent Carter’s reaction is that of complete shock and awe, even feeling his chest just to make sure it was real. Agent Carter seemed to like Steve’s innocence before the serum, so when he came out looking like an adonis, she was head over heels for America’s hero.

7 « I Have Seen The Future, Captain! There Are No Flags. » – Red Skull

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The Red Skull has been Captain America’s archenemy since they both hit the comic book stands during WWII. It came as no great surprise that Red Skull would be Cap’s first enemy in the MCU. Hugo Weaving’s performance was great and he was the perfect foil for Chris Evans’ Star-Spangled Man.

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While fighting each other, Red Skull tells Cap that he could have the power of the gods but Cap wastes his time wearing that flag and fighting a battle of nations. Red Skull then mentions that he’s seen the future and there are no flags, which proved that Red Skull didn’t care where people come from. He was more obsessed with dominating the whole world and having every nation bow down to him.

6 « I Don’t Like Bullies. I Don’t Care Where They’re From. » – Steve Rogers

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Dr. Abraham Erskine created the original super-soldier serum and also handpicked Steve Rogers to become Captain America. Erskine overhears Steve telling Bucky that he should be fighting alongside him, which prompts him to ask Steve if he wants to kill nazis. Steve replies,  » I don’t want to kill anyone. I don’t like bullies. I don’t care where they’re from. »

Erskine then tells Steve that he can offer him a chance in the Army and approves Steve’s enlistment form. Steve Rogers would go on to help win the war, save millions of lives, and lead a large team of superhuman beings. His attitude toward bullies and criminals would never change and it all started at The World Expo with Dr. Erskine.

5 « Go Get Him. »https://www.cbr.com/ »I’m Not Kissing You. »- Agent Carter & Colonel Phillips

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Tommy Lee Jones’ Colonel Phillips was a hard-nosed military leader who had his doubts about Steve Rogers as a soldier, and Peggy Carter as an Agent. However, after they both proved themself to him, he was supportive and even had a few of the funniest lines in the film.

During the action-packed final battle against HYDRA and The Red Skull, Phillips and Carter drive Cap up to Red Skull’s plane so that he can jump on it. Peggy tells Cap to wait, gives him a passionate kiss, and tells him to go get him. Steve then looks to Phillips, who tells him, « I’m not kissing you! »

4 « That You Will Stay Who You Are, Not A Perfect Soldier, But A Good Man. » – Dr. Erskine

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Dr. Erksine’s admiration for Steve was beautiful to watch, which made his death so heartbreaking. However, the night before the serum was administered to Steve, they shared a drink. It was really more of a talk because Steve couldn’t have fluids before his procedure.

Steve asks Erskine why he chose him for this serum. Erskine tells him that a weak man has more respect for power because they’ve never had it. He urges Steve that the most important thing he can do is not to be a perfect soldier… but a good man. Steve took the advice to heart and throughout his time in the MCU, he became a great leader and an even better human being.

3 « Don’t Do Anything Stupid Until I Come Back. »https://www.cbr.com/ »How Can I? You’re Taking All The Stupid With You. » – Steve & Bucky

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All Steve wanted to do was join the army and serve his country. Both his parents were gone and his only family was his best friend, Bucky. Bucky saves Steve from a bully and then takes him to the World Expo to meet two girls. The girls show no interest in Steve so Steve decides to try his luck and take another shot at enlisting. Before Steve is examined, Bucky tells him not to do anything stupid when he’s gone. Steve jokingly replies, « How can I? You’re taking all the stupid with you. »

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They both call each other names, like only brothers and best friends do, and share one last hug before Bucky leaves for the war. The bond between these two friends is still having repercussions in today’s MCU and they even said the same thing to each other at the end of Avengers: Endgame. Only, Cap is the one telling Bucky not to do anything stupid and Bucky replying with Cap’s original answer.

2 « I Can Do This All Day! » – Steve Rogers

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A classic line by Cap in the MCU, which is also referenced in Civil War and Avengers: Endgame. Before Bucky saves the day, pre-serum Steve is fighting a bully, who wouldn’t be quiet when footage of US soldiers played before a movie. Steve tells him to show some respect and to shut up.

The bully keeps punching Steve down but no matter how many times he gets hit, he keeps getting back up. The bully doesn’t believe he can keep getting up but Steve tells him, « I can do this all day. » This would be Cap’s motto throughout the MCU, even saying the same thing to Iron Man in Civil War and to himself in Endgame. Modern Cap said it so many times that when his 2012 version says it, he responds quickly with an aggravated, « Yeah, I know… I know. »

1 « Let’s Hear It For Captain America! »- Bucky

captain america bucky barnes mcu

Captain America’s first truly heroic moment came after he broke into a HYDRA base, with help from Agent Carter and Howard Stark. He saved Bucky and four hundred other soldiers from torture and imprisonment.

When they arrive back at their base, Bucky yells,  » Let’s hear it for Captain America! » Bucky and all the soldiers start clapping as they surround Steve and Peggy. Alan Silvestri’s amazing score plays in the background as everyone celebrates Captain America, and his MCU legend begins.

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