10 Marvel Heroes Who Can’t Stand Steve Rogers

Captain America is was one of Marvel’s very first heroes. He originates back when Marvel was called Timely Comics in 1941, and he was created by legendary creators Joe Simon and Jack Kirby. Steve Rogers is a symbol of truth and justice in Marvel Comics, and many heroes in the Marvel superhero community aspire to become like Captain America.

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However, not all of them do. There are many heroes in Marvel who view Cap as a pompous and egotistical fraud. There are others who just think that Cap does more harm than good and doesn’t represent the America that they want to see in the world.

10 Sinthea Schmidt Almost Hates Cap As Much As Her Father

Sinthea Schmidt, daughter of the Red Skull, has inherited her hatred for the good Captain. In her defense, she was raised to loathe the man. Even after she escaped that life, the Red Skull and Crossbones kidnapped Sin and brainwashed her back into wanting Captain America dead.

She has been part of many of her father’s schemes. Even after the Skull died, she continued his crusade against Cap. During one such scheme, an exploding drone caused her head to catch fire–burning all the hair and skin off until she resembled the visage of the Red Skull. She went onto initiate the Fear Itself event by finding an ancient hammer sent to Earth by Cul, the Norse God of Fear.

9 Emma Frost Holds No Affection For Captain Rogers

Emma Frost

Even after joining up with the X-Men, Emma Frost was no stranger to elitism. That said, she doesn’t really know Steve Rogers’ background; she only sees him as a military man who has gained acclaim through his actions instead of his status. That said, Emma may still have some respect for Cap if she felt that he had done more to defend and represent mutant-kind.

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She doesn’t feel that way–even after Cap established the Avengers Unity Division, Emma felt Cap’s concern for mutants was performative. The scars of Avengers VS X-Men ran too deep.

8 Norman Osborn Covets The Status And Power Of Captain America

Norman Osborn Iron Patriot Dark Avengers feature

The Green Goblin may be a Spider-Man villain, but Norman Osborn made himself a foe of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Avengers–Captain America and Iron Man in particular. After Tony Stark and S.H.I.E.L.D’s fall during Secret Invasion, Osborn leveraged his successful Thunderbolts initiative to become the new leader of the Avengers and replaced S.H.I.E.L.D and H.A.M.M.E.R.

To show Norman Osborn’s feelings of inadequacy influenced his new identity upon forming the Dark Avengers: the Iron Patriot, an identity that marries the imagery of Cap and Iron Man.

7 The Beast Has Lost His Affection For The Avengers On Krakoa

The Beast was once a reliable member of the Avengers and seemed to take great joy in being part of the team. Something changed in Dr. Hank McCoy in the 1990s and 2000s, and this character began to show a bit of a darker side. This began to escalate when Beast took Professor Xavier’s spot on the Illuminati, and he began to resent what he viewed as Steve Rogers’ naivete in regards to the Illuminati.

This has reached its peak on the island of Krakoa, where Beast, as leader of X-Force, seems to have resentment for all non-mutants and even some of his own mutant comrades.

6 Crossbones Thinks Captain America Is Weak And Worthless

Crossbones Opens Fire

Crossbones, aka Brock Rumlow, is a base mercenary with a great hatred for Captain America. While he started his career as a mercenary and still technically works as such, he has long since become a true believer in the Red Skull’s crusade. She views Cap’s perception of justice and patriotism as weak and hollow.

Crossbones and Captain America have fought several times over the years, and the two even had a grudge match while Crossbones was part of the Thunderbolts. Crossbones has yet to give up his mission to destroy Cap and still works for the Red Skull to this day.

5 U.S. Agent Believes That Cap Betrayed The American Dream

For a long time, John Walker did harbor great respect for Captain America. Walker replaced Cap when Steve lost his affection for the mantle and took on the name « the Captain. » Walker was far more harsh and aggressive as Cap than Steve ever was, but that didn’t change his admiration for Steve Rogers.

What did change everything was Secret Empire, as a Hydra-loving doppelganger of Captain America overthrew the United States government. Despite this not really being Steve Rogers, John Walker still blamed Cap for letting this happen. In their most recent encounter, John Walker viciously attacked Captain America, and the two brawled while Walker yelled insults at Steve.

4 Baron Zemo Can’t Get Over His Generational Hatred For Cap

Baron Zemo holds a sword and stands by a canon while a soldier is shot beside him. His arms are outstretched and he wears his purple mask.

Baron Helmut Zemo has shown much potential for good over the years, particularly when he returned to the Thunderbolts after an absence and tried to use them to save the world from the Grandmaster. However, the return of Bucky Barnes reawakened something in Zemo, and he has been committed to his fascistic vision ever since.

Zemo was instrumental in bringing the Hydra Cap into existence, and he has worked to reestablish Hydra and renew his war against Captain America and the Avengers ever since.

3 Cyclops Believes That Cap Has No Compassion For Mutant Kind

Cyclops Vs Captain America Avengers Vs X-Men Marvel

Cyclops is often seen as the boy scout of the X-Men, but this hasn’t stopped him from developing a grudge against the Avengers’ own boy scout in Captain America. Scott Summers began to feel that Steve Rogers and the Avengers weren’t doing enough to help support and elevate mutant-kind in the eyes of the world. This came to a head in Avengers VS X-Men, when the Cyclops tried to summon the Phoenix Force to Earth, believing that it could save mutants from extinction. Cap believed this put the world in great danger, leading to the war between the Avengers and X-Men.

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Even after it was all said and done, Cap tried to establish the Avengers Unity Division with Cyclops’ brother, Havok, as its leader. Scott felt this was a personal slight, but he was already too far buried in his hatred of Cap. Scott set up a rogue and revolutionary team of X-Men that operated for years in the shadows. Even now, with the advent of Krakoa, Cyclops has a deep skepticism of Cap and the Avengers.

2 The Red Skull’s Feud With Cap Goes Back Decades

The Red Skull got his start as a Nazi operative before hatching schemes that have killed many

Captain America’s greatest enemy is, without a doubt, Johann Schmidt aka the Red Skull. Their feud goes back to World War II, where the two men battled endlessly in the European Theater. Both survived into the present day to continue their war, with the Red Skull doing everything he can to destroy Steve Rogers and the country he loves so much.

Red Skull has often tried to live inside Steve Rogers’ body–likely having jealousy of Steve’s Aryan appearance and the Super-Soldier Serum in his veins. Schmidt has cloned Steve before and placed his mind inside Rogers’ body, and, when Captain America was dead, Schmidt resurrected him so he could do the same with the real Steve Rogers’ body. Now, the Red Skull is living inside the mind of a resurrected Aleksander Lukin and is still working to bring down Cap and his country.

1 Iron Man Has Always Had Friction With Captain America

Captain America Iron Man

Iron Man doesn’t outright hate Captain America anymore, but the two still have friction and deep disagreements rooted in their worldview. Iron Man is a pragmatist and futurist, and Cap is an idealist that thinks the country can still learn a thing or two from its past (while still understanding that the inevitable tide of change is a good thing).

Their disagreements famously came to a head in Civil War, but things were never truly mended for a long time afterward. The schism between the two men was worsened when Steve Rogers discovered the Illuminati. Steve imposed himself upon the group to make sure they didn’t go too far astray, but he had his mind wiped and was ejected during the Incursion crisis. In the final moments of the Multiverse’s existence during Time Runs Out, Captain America and Iron Man had one last brawl while all things ended around them. It wasn’t really until the current run of Avengers by Jason Aaron, Ed McGuinness, and Paco Medina that Cap and Iron Man have fully become friends again.

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